Premium filters that protect, prolong and perform.

Cabin Air Filter

Passengers and drivers breathe easy thanks to our cabin air filter that extracts harmful particulates and allergens from intake air and circulates clean air within the vehicle. Our activated carbon layer also removes odors and noxious gases up to 90%.

Air Filter

Say goodbye to soot, dust and contaminants in the combustion chamber. Our top-quality MANN-FILTER air filters ensure all engines work to their optimum performance.

Oil Filter

Filtering damaging residues and deposits our oil filter provide clean oil that’s essential for keeping engines in top shape.

Fuel Filter

Safeguard your vehicle´s fuel injection system with a fuel filter that protects from dirt particles and water. Take the challenges of modern injection systems and biofuels in your stride.


Why MANN-FILTER is the right choice

You can rest assured your filter meets strict safety standards, is always OE quality and has undergone rigorous checks. We bring 70 years engineering experience to every product decision and design

All our parts are designed to protect passengers, drivers, machines and engines. Whether that’s a tractor engine operating in dusty conditions, a pneumatic braking system in a commercial bus or an allergy-suffering driver needing clean air

We are an established and trusted brand supplying premium OE quality parts to 97% of Europe’s vehicles

We have established valued partnerships with dealers and workshops around the world, offering support at all levels, from installation instructions to sales promotion materials. We are with you every step of the way

Our talented global team constantly striving to find new and better ways to remove residue, particulates and harmful gases. We are truly world leaders in filtration

Peace of Mind






Award-winning filtration

Our work at MANN-FILTER is recognized globally. It’s our multi-award winning combination of exceptional products and strong customer service that gets us noticed by customers, the media and independent institutions. That and our distinctive yellow-green branding!