The Italian brand leader in the world
of the industrial filtration
making filters for compressors,
vacuum pumps and earth moving machines

Air Oil Seperators

Sotras designs and manufactures separators specifically for installation in rotary screw and rotary vane compressors and they are available in vertical, horizontal and spin – on configurations Corrosive resistant materials are used in the construction of the air/oil separators.

Air Filters

Sotras manufactures and distributes a wide range of air filters, which are able to satisfy specific customers demands within the compressors field.

Oil Filters

Thanks to its experience in the hydraulic sector, Sotras has developed a range of oil filters, especially suitable for screw and vane compressors and vacuum pumps applications, bearing in mind that these filters will have to endure sudden changes and extreme limits in pressure and temperature.

Vacuum Air Filters

Sotras offers a wide range of filters to suit most requirements in this field and the elements are usually interchangeable with those produced by other leading manufacturers.